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Association football, also known as just football, is an irregularly shaped game played between two evenly matched teams of eleven players each. It is played regularly by about 250 million players worldwide in more than 200 nations and dependencies, making it by far the world's leading sport. The game is named and also trademarked, by the Barcelona Football Club. The game is regularly played in pre-season, winter and summer tournaments. The game has achieved worldwide recognition and is played both socially and economically. The game was first played on an asphalt surface, but the use of artificial pitches and turf has resulted in the change of the game's playing surface.

The sport is divided into three phases, before which the teams to take their positions. The foul phase is the first ten minutes of play. During this time, players run around on the playing field, attempting to kick the ball and using any part of the body except the hands to touch the ball. It is important for players to wear protective equipment such as helmets, arm guards and shin pads. A football goal post is constructed just ahead of the goal line.

The next phase is called the offensive phase, during which the players move into their defensive positions. The object of the game is to create chances to score goals. The defensive line is made up of three players, and the goalkeeper is positioned in the center of the goal frame, one step away from the goal keeper. The objective of the defenders is to stop the opposing teams from scoring the winning goal.

The game of football is extremely popular all around the world, and is a well-known subject at home and abroad in its international forms. In America, the game is known as American football. The National Football League (NFL) is the professional American football league, and is comparable to the European football leagues in many ways. There are two conferences in the NFL, which is known as the Eastern and Western conferences. The other major professional sports in America is the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Major League Baseball. Both the NBA and MLB have regular season games, and the latter, the MLB, play round robin each year.

The popularity of football in America has created professional and college teams, which compete against each other. One of the most popular sports in America, and the world, are football. There are various levels of football in the United States, ranging from the lower level, known as High School football, to the more upper-level, known as College football. Youth football also exists in America. Younger children play youth football, sometimes with the guidance of adults, on an even smaller scale than that observed in professional football. The younger players of football also play soccer, although this sport is much less popular than football.

Professional football leagues in America began in the late twentieth century. A few men's soccer teams became professional, and a few women's soccer teams joined, also. Many Americans watch football on television and follow the progress of their favorite teams, both on and off the field. All professional and semi-professional football teams employ a number of people to work as game managers, coaching staff and instructors.

America's national football team is based in Baltimore, Maryland. In recent years, the Americans have qualified for several World Cups, which are played throughout the world. One of the most notable teams is the USA, who have qualified for the last fourteen World Cups. America has a very large number of football fan clubs, both at the amateur and professional levels. This allows for a level of interaction between fans and players that would not otherwise be possible.

American football has a long standing history and has developed various styles over the years. With the growth of professional and semi-professional football in America, the game has changed from what it originally was. Today the American football team plays a faster, tougher style of football than it ever has in the past. The standard of play has risen over the years, and the football team now competes against teams from across Europe and beyond.


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