Cricket Equipment - A Must For Cricket Fans

Cricket is an old ball game that is still being played today in hundreds of clubs around the world. Cricket is played with three legs and a catcher (the other two legs are held by the batsman). Cricket is played throughout all of Asia, Africa, and Australia. There are also cricket leagues for the Caribbean and the Middle East.

Cricket is played using a single ball, called a "strike" or " stump "arm", strikes the ball with a specific rhythm called "pull". This rhythm is called "wicket-pulling", because the player pulling the string (batsman) uses the entire strength of their arm to hit the ball, while the one who releases the string (fielding batsman) uses only the amount of force required to hit the ball. Cricket players may wear protective gear, called "player's underwear", but not "full sleeves" clothing, because of the possibility of sweat accumulating on the playing surfaces during matches. The surface on which the ball is hit may be made from hard rubber, graphite, or a mixture of both.

Cricket equipment differs according to the part of the world where the sport is played: in England, the batsman wears a white and black cobbler, and the fielding batsman white and blue one. Gloves are not used by cricket players in England; instead, they use "abrasives" worn by tennis players. Full size cricket balls are manufactured by the Old Heathrow Plantation Company in the United Kingdom. Cricket bats are made from a single piece of wood covered with felt or wool and have an open face with two metal bits attached to the top. These bits are called "stumps".

Cricket equipment includes gloves, used by both batsmen and fielding players; socks, worn by the batsman; and boots, worn by both players on the field and later on, worn by the bowlers at the end of matches. The wicket keeper has a different type of glove, called a "stadium glove", which helps him catch the ball with greater ease. Gloves and boots are often replacing during matches, owing to the frequent usage of the nets.

Balls are made from either wood or synthetic material. Wood is the most commonly used material, although synthetic materials are also used. Cricket balls are made hollow, so that the cricketing team can easily carry them around the ground. Most cricket equipment manufacturers have their own individual brand names, while others sell cricket balls under their brands.

Gloves are used to provide extra protection to the fingers and palm for the batsman who wants to try to score a century. Before a cricket match, a batsman takes a handful of cotton wool from his kit bag and puts it into his gloves. This prevents the fingers from being injured in case of any serious impact with the ball. Gloves are also used in practice matches and for games held on weekends. It is essential for cricketers to buy cricket equipment according to their skill level and the kind of sport they are playing.

Batting shoes are an essential part of the entire set of cricket equipment. They come in various styles such as leather, composite, and mesh. They are made from different materials, depending on their usage. For example, a cricket equipment manufacturer may manufacture a pair of cricket shoes that have reinforced toe pockets for better balance and grip, while providing excellent grip.

Cricket gloves are usually medium thick, with firm padding inside. They are used for catching the ball and to protect the fingers from injury. In fact, some top professionals wear cricket gloves even while playing. However, it is better to have cricket equipment that is damage-proof. Catching a damaged cricket equipment would be a waste of money.


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