Cricket World Cup Schedules and Stakes


Cricket is an extremely popular game with fans of all ages. A game of cricket can be played by individuals of any age group and it can be played professionally as well as passionately by youngsters. Cricket has the highest registered viewership ratings across all television networks and is considered to be one of the most loved sports in the world.

Cricket is played between two competing teams of eleven players each on a flat ground at the middle of which there is a boundary. The bat and ball are used in this game and the match is won when the ball goes over the boundary line to win. Matches are played twice over a week, with half the matches being played in a day while the other half being played over a period of two days. There are two cricket teams that represent the Indian subcontinent, who play a round robin schedule.

Cricket has gained a lot of popularity in countries where large populations live in small spaces and so many matches are played in a single day. In the Caribbean region, cricket is played between seven teams at a time and in Australia and New Zealand cricket teams to field a total of 22 players at a time. In contrast, the Pakistani and Sri Lankan teams have teams with very little playing surface and so this results in them scoring very few runs on a daily basis.

Cricket is played in different countries with teams made up of ten players each, but in most cases two teams are comprised of eleven players. The bat and ball are the principal weapons in this game and the match is won when the player with the best bat or the best drive takes at least two out of the eleven holes and scores more than the other team with the least number of hits. Cricket is played in several different countries and so many different variations of this game have come into existence. For example in England cricket only three batsmen bat at any one time; the wicket keeper is allowed to take only two points for his side, and any further runs are made by the batsman who has been given a bonus point. In the Twenty20 International game many countries are allowed to use three batsmen in an attack formation.

The bat and ball count in the Cricket World Cup matches, is not as high as in other matches, because cricket is not such a popular sport in countries where many people have heard of cricket only on television. Cricket matches are played at grounds with natural grass; on artificial turf is not allowed. Only a narrow strip of the outfield is available for use, and all the fielders must stand a minimum distance away from each other. There are no protective pads or hand gloves available and the players must bowl with their feet in that same distance from the stumps.

Cricket's governing body is the Cricket Committee Of India (CCI). One of its functions is to set up a timetable for matches, including when they should be played and in which city and country. The matches are scheduled for days when there will be little or no rainfall. The teams are then separated into two groups, the highest from the bottom placing will face the other in a first round match. This is followed by the teams playing in a second round match.

In the Cricket World Cup matches, the teams play each other in a first over, then the teams play each other in two innings, with four wickets fallen in each innings. There is a time limit of ten minutes for each over for each game. After ten minutes have elapsed, another over is started and the teams play four more minutes for the over. When the time for the over expires, another wicket is thrown by the batsman of the team who just completed their over. If any of the team batsmen reach the stumps, the batsman who scored the last wicket takes his team mate to the stumps, and the team playing the other will get one chance to bowl the other.

In the Cricket World Cup Schedule, the qualification rounds are placed at the top of the list. The teams that reach the playoffs have a better chance to win the championship. The playoffs consist of the four semi finalists, and the teams are ranked from highest to lowest according to their performance. As in any sport, the more experienced a player is, the higher he is placed. The cricket world cup schedule lists the qualification rounds in the order of their finish. So qualification plays an important role in determining the winner of the cricket world cup.


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