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formula1 After winning the Formula-1 championship three consecutive times in 2021, Jean Laurent Pujols decided that it was time for his team to move up to Formula 2. It was a decision that would prove to be a mistake and a source of great conflict between him and the team's technical manager Flavio Bero. Pujols believed he had the experience and the talent to lead the charge into Formula-1, but Bero wanted to retain the top spot which had eluded him throughout the years.

One of the primary differences between Formula-1 and the World Touring Car Championship is the engine power. In the latter the cars are similar to those used in the lower speeds of the WEC - and therefore the drivers use different specification engines. However, in the case of Formula-1 the cars cannot use the same specification engines as those in the rest of the races. This means that the chance of an early race advantage for a team like Bero is slim. This has been the major deciding factor in the rivalry between Bero and Pujols and it is understood that in some cases Pujols' team have been known to hold out for the chance of an early win over Bero's.

During the pre-season testing Bero revealed that he believed that the current regulations would limit the teams using certain specification engines. The regulations state that teams must be using 'etti engines' which have two exhaust pipes rather than the normal three. These new rules have made the battle for pole position even more fierce between Bero and teammate Luca di Montezemolo. With six races to go until the season starts in April, the Italian driver knows that the pressure is on to get the best result possible. A win in Italy would secure third place in the championship behind teammate Pedro Piquet and Britain's Kevin Magni.

On the other hand, Jean Laurent had another worry with his car's engine. Having been told that the new turbo V12 engine would produce more power than the existing V8 engine, he also pointed out that this could make the race much more difficult. He believes that it will be difficult for him to beat his teammate Pedro. Both cars are in early days and therefore there is not much time to get to know each other yet.

Sunday's race takes place on the narrow streets of Monmouth. This short distance means that overtaking is extremely hard because you need to cover such a small distance in order to get away. Each car has its unique number plate, but the team numbers are usually in white or black. Usually the race is won by the first team to cross the finish line. The last race of the season was won by Britain's Magni. In addition to the cars the circuit includes a huge speed track outside Monmouth where the cars attempt to beat each other in quick time.

For the race the cars are loaded with a battery of electric motor and electronics equipment which provide them with the power they need to race. The race engineer has to take control of the race car from start to finish using the various control methods available. There are a couple of ways a driver can gain an advantage over their rivals. Braking is one way and this is used to slow the cars, whereas Jaws works in the opposite direction to stop the car.

Formula-1 races are a lot of fun to watch and if you are lucky enough to attend a Formula-1 race then you should not miss out on the action. The great thing about Formula-1 is that all of the cars are so similar in design and as a spectator you get the chance to see a real racing scene. Watching the race in high definition television is an incredible experience and the Formula-1 race weekend in Europe is something that you should definitely be making plans for.

You may be able to follow the cars on the podium feed from pit crew but the main thing to pay attention to are the race engineers. These guys are responsible for every little thing during a race and they work around the clock to ensure that the cars are running smoothly, no matter what track and traffic conditions. They use everything from the air conditioning system to the engine pressure. Every single component is used and maintained to perfection which makes sure that the car performs to its optimum at all times and the team manage to get it all around the track and into the pit wall first for the next stage of the race. For these reasons the race engineer job is extremely important and you need to make sure that you hire one of the best and most talented teams to bring your Formula-1 car to the best possible race track on race day.


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