Taking a Look at Scottish Golf

If there is one sport that is the most popular in America today, it has to be golf. Golf is a popular club-and-disc sport where people use different clubs to shoot balls into a series of holes in a specific course as few strokes as humanly possible. When you first play a game of golf, you stand at the starting line and use a golf club to hit a ball that is shaped like a golf club. You then use a set of clubs that have different ends to hit different balls. There are many different types of clubs that you can play with, but in this article I'm only talking about the ones that are commonly used by professional golfers. If you want to learn more about the history of golf, or even how you can pick up a nifty new trick for swinging the club better, read on!

Golf was actually developed in Scotland, specifically in what is now known as the Highland Country. The first golf course was built at a place called Duncraig Park. This was actually the first golf course built in Scotland and the first one to be open to the public. The public loved the golf course, so many came, and since then, there have been several golf courses built in the area. Scotland is truly a golf heaven.

Golf has always been a popular sport in Scotland. In the early 15th century, King James I (yes, the king of England) personally visited his buddy John Bissard (yes, the same guy who introduced beer to the world back in the 15th century). Bissard had invited the king and his entourage to the golf course at his country estate of Balblair Castle. Here, they played a lot of golf, and the game really became popular. From there, golf spread all over Scotland, with most courses being public.

When Scotland first hosted the British Royal Tour in 1875, it was in Stratchclyde Country Park. This golf course was immediately popular, and so was David Mulligan's new course at Stratchclyde. Golf courses started springing up everywhere in Scotland, and the popularity just kept on growing. Golf courses were built in Stratchclyde Country Park, Stratchclyde High Street and even into town. Golf courses just got bigger in the following years, and now, there are literally hundreds of golf courses open throughout Scotland.

Golf courses started getting built on golf courses. David Mulligan built the very first private golf course, in Ayrshire. The Pee Dee golf course was built by John White, and later, there were also public golf courses built in Ayrshire and other parts of Scotland. With the popularity of golf, more companies started offering golf-related services in Scotland. Service companies such as Scottish Power offered electrical services, plumbing services, as well as other services related to golf courses.

In the coming years, Scotland became the birth place for many of the world's most popular tourneys. The practice of golf courses spread all across the country. This practice brought about a huge influx of tourists who wanted to learn how to play golf. As a result, new golf courses started springing up all over Scotland. The golf courses became huge tourist attractions.

Because of all these new developments, the golf courses started competing against each other. Golf courses started offering luxurious amenities to their visitors. They started to build hotels that could accommodate their guests. They also built golf resorts that were meant solely for golfers. Today, Scotland is known for its top quality golf courses.

There are still many golf courses that aren't as luxurious as they used to be. Some have only basic amenities. But because of the new developments, golf courses in Scotland have become some of the best in the world. These courses are known for being challenging, and they are an enjoyable way to spend a day on the course.


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